Response Team



First Aid Station & Bike Patrol

The BVD Emergency Response Team provides first aid coverage for large community gatherings and sporting events. We have covered large events up to 1,000-2,000 people as well as sporting events with 1-10 fields running at once.  Regardless of how small or large your event is, we will staff it with the necessary equipment and responders to keep your patrons safe during the event.

BVD Emergency Response Team Bike Patrol Fleet

BVD Emergency Response Team Bike Patrol Fleet


Bike Patrol:

Our bike patrol units provide quick response to injuries in seconds rather than minutes to a large area. Each bikeis stocked with a trauma bag, athletic tape and injury supplies and/or oxygen bag and automated external defibrillator.


First Aid Station:

We also provide a first aid station which is well labeled for great visibility to walk-in injuries on your event site. The first aid station acts a the command center to dispatch bike units to emergency locations.

First Aid Station Sign

Signs will identify the First Aid Station



BVD’s Response Team members wear dark blue uniform pants/shorts that are well illuminated with reflective decals as well as shirts with reflective Star of Life and reads “BVD Response Team” so that we are well identified and can be flagged down while patrolling.


Emergency Response Action Plan:

For every event, we make a specialized and detailed emergency response action plan so that we know the quickest response routes and ambulance access to your event site.


Radio Communication:

We provide radio communication between responders and also provide the event coordinator with a radio so that we can coordinate an emergency response.


Community Events:

Having first aid coverage at your community event is important where there is delayed access to emergency response vehicles.  Especially in the case of cardiac arrest, having a defibrillator seconds away can mean the difference between life and death.  The presence of our responders sets the community at ease and allows people to feel safe amongst a large group of people.


At large events the types of injury that we typically see are:  slip or falls on uneven surfaces or off stage, cardiac arrest, breathing emergencies, burns from grease or thermal burns, lacerations and heat emergencies. Knowing this, BVD is prepared to responded to these type of injuries with the equipment and knowledge to provided as much assistance to a first aid situation as possible until medical help arrives to transport the casualty to the hospital.  We commonly respond to situations where injuries happen and the casualty does not know if or when they should go to the hospital or what level of transportation to take.


Emergency Transportation:

So that we can stay at your event BVD does not transport casualties to the hospital. We will recognize if medical help is needed and call EMS for transport while we monitor the casualty’s condition.


Sporting Events:

Sporting events like soccer, football, gymnastics, baseball and track and field often require us to work as athletic trainers to do assessments, tape ankles and deal with musculoskeletal injuries or fractures on the side lines.  At sporting events, the types of injury that we typically see are:  Heat exhaustion, cardiac arrest, breathing emergencies, sprains and strains, fractures, contusions, allergic reactions to bee stings or food. Keep your sporting event safe and the parents, athletes and bystanders’ minds at ease as we patrol around your event.


What sets us apart!

Our responders have specialized training in orthopedic assessment of injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and spine. Our bike patrol and first aid tent will also be set up for monitoring your athlete after the game or pre-event assessment and athletic taping. This is a key feature of our team that sets us apart from others!


Athletic taping for “Jumpers Knee”


Athletic taping for ankle inversion sprain


Athletic taping for shin splints










Equipment onsite:

  • First aid tent for first aid station
  • Bike Patrol with radio communication
  • Automated external defibrillator
  • Oxygen tanks and airway maintenance equipment
  • Assessment table
  • First aid supplies


Booking information:

To book the team please contact

Dr. Brock Van Dyke, BHK, DC, A-EMCA
BVD Emergency Training & Response Team, Team Director
Phone: 519-919-9235


Want to join our team? New Members are welcome for the upcoming season.