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CPR and First Aid Courses 

BVD Emergency Training provides everyday people with the training necessary to recognize emergencies and respond appropriately with lifesaving measures that may be critical to saving lives. Everyday emergencies occur. Its critical to be prepared when your loved one needs you the most. View Course Descriptions


CPR and First Aid Windsor Courses

View the Windsor Course Calendar for Course Dates


CPR and First Aid London Courses

View the London Course Calendar for Course Dates


CPR and First Aid Instructor Course 

BVD also trains instructors to teach the Heart and Stroke Basic Life Support CPR program and the Perri-Med First Aid, CPR and programs. Become an Instructor today!


CPR and First Aid Course Accreditation:

BVD Emergency Training teaches "Perri-Med First Aid and CPR" programs (view approval) which have been recognized by the Ministry of Health, recognized Nationally by the Canada Labour Code, Provincially by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (First Aid Regulation 1101). BVD also teaches the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support Courses (CPR and Defibrillation).