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BVD Emergency Training provides everyday people with the training necessary to recognize emergencies and respond appropriately with lifesaving  measures that may be critical in the saving of lives.

BVD holds courses at the University of Windsor in the St. Denis Centre, 2555 College Street, Windsor as the Campus Recreation First Aid Provider.

Courses are open for everyone: Nursing Students, College & University students and Community members. BVD also holds corporate trainings onsite.

In a typical First Aid and CPR class we hold in the St. Denis Centre at the University of Windsor, we usually have:


Community Members


College Students


University Students


Nursing Students/Health Care Professionals

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All registration for courses is complete online. Payment can be made online with Paypal or Credit Card or with cash or cheque when you come to the course.

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Contact BVD by email or phone and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. You will come to find that BVD is one of the most interactive course providers you will ever take a course with.

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I adapt the courses to fit the student’s learning style using adult learning principles. BVD Emergency Training CPR and First Aid courses are Fun, Interactive. You will gain valuable tools you can put in your tool box. Nobody wants to be in a boring CPR class. Many students have commented on how prepared they were to jump into a real life emergency situation after taking the course with us. Once you try BVD Emergency Training this year, you will understand why people always come back in the following years! Have fun, in a stress free environment and learn at the same time. I bring my clinical experience as a Chiropractor and field experience as a Paramedic to the classroom.

Dr. Brock Van Dyke, BHK, DC, A-EMCA

Owner/Team Training Director, BVD Emergency Training & Response Team

Ask around. BVD Emergency Training courses combine real life examples to make the content come alive while making it more relevant. We bring real life experience to the University classroom. Learn life saving skills in a fun class with other students who are eager to learn. I bring my teaching experience as a High School Educator and field experience as a First Responder to the classroom.

Grant Van Dyke, BMus, MMus, B.Ed,

Regional Director, BVD Emergency Training & Response Team