CPR & First Aid Instructor Course

Course Description

BVD Emergency Training can train you to become an Instructor to teach two Programs:

1) The Perri-Med First Aid and CPR Training course where you will be able to teach CPR courses, Automated External Defibrillation Courses and First Aid course.

2) The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support course where you will be able to teach CPR anywhere in Canada for a Nationally Recognized Organization.

Perri-Med First Aid and CPR Instructor:

Where can I teach?

When you become an Instructor you can teach for BVD Emergency Training (in Windsor, London, Oakville area, Toronto (GTA) or Barrie ON), teach scheduled courses at the Perri-Med National training centre in Windsor, ON, or operate independently as an affiliate creating your own training company.

To qualify to take the Instructor course you must:

  1. Obtain a current Perri-Med Standard First Aid with CPR Health Care Professional (HCP). View course calendar and register online.
  2. Register for an Instructor course online. Register here
  3. Obtain your pre-course instructor package and complete the precourse assignments. It is recommended that you audit one or more CPR courses prior to the instructor course.
  4. Complete the 16 hour CPR Instructor course.
  5. Complete monitoring by Perri-Med CPR Instructor Trainer, while teaching a CPR course.

Course includes:

All Health Care Profesional (HCP) Skills Course Design & Content
All Lay Rescuer (LR) Skills Teaching Styles
Sport CPR Lesson Planning
Course Presentations Small Business Solutions
Teaching & Learning concepts Maniking Decontamination

Once you become a certified Perri-Med CPR instructor, you will be eligible to purchase student materials, teach the First Aid and CPR Programs and teach for BVD Emergency Training!