Standard First Aid

Course Description

Standard First Aid


16 hours (2 day course)


CPR-C (Adult, Child, Infant), Defibrillation and First Aid Certification

Who should take this course?

Workplaces such as factories, dentist offices or customer service job that are looking to fulfil their WSIB Requirement, high school, university or college students looking for summer jobs or wanting to enhance their resumes. Babysitters, families with newborns. Everyone!

Standard First Aid Recertification


8 hours (1 day course)


CPR-C  or CPR-C HCP, Defibrillation and First Aid Recertification

Who should take this course?

Those who have taken Standard First Aid with us previously and are renewing their certificate.

Standard First aid with CPR-HCP 


16 hours (2 day course)


CPR-C for Health Care Professional, Defibrillation for Health Care Professionals and First Aid Certification

Who should take this course?

Workplaces such as nursing homes, hospital staff, paramedics or paramedic students, nurses or nursing students, medical school students who also need first aid.

Standard First Aid

First Aid prepares responders to assess and treat injuries / medical conditions including seizures, bleeding, fractures, burns, heart attack, stroke, spinal injuries, poisons etc.  No prerequisite course is needed.  The training and knowledge necessary to save lives is open for anyone who wishes to take the course. BVD Emergency Training teaches “Perri-Med” CPR and First Aid programs, which have been recognized by the Ministry of Health, recognized Nationally by the Canada Labour Code, Provincially by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (First Aid Regulation 1101).

Instruction Time: Standard First Aid is a two-day working session, and shall be taught in a minimum of 13 hours. Lunch and breaks times are separate from the course making the course approximately 16 hours (e.g. two days, 9am-5pm). Each participant will be tested both in theory and practical skills. A score of 70% is required on the Standard First Aid written exam to pass the course. One rewrite is allowed.

Program Approval: (view approval) The Perri-Med program satisfies the first aid knowledge and skill requirements for certification in Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid. The first aid requirements are outlined in the first aid Regulation 1101, recognized by the WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. These requirements are further recognized by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) under subsection 16.12 of the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulation and Health Canada, clause (e), subsection 12(11), Ontario Regulation 565 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1997 (Public Pools).


Standard First Aid – Compulsory Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to First Aid – 30 min.

Lesson 2: Communicable Diseases/Protection – 30 min.

Lesson 3: Casualty Management – 60 min.

Lesson 4: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – 90 min.

Lesson 5: Defibrillation – 30 min.

Lesson 6: Choking – 30 min.

Lesson 7: Wounds and Bleeding – 90 min.

Lesson 8: Burns – 30 min.

Lesson 9: Medical Conditions – 30 min.


Standard First Aid – Elective Lessons: In addition to the compulsory modules, a minimum of 8 elective modules are required and suggested modules include:

Lesson 4: Child and Infants Resuscitation – 60 min.

Lesson 4: Two Rescuer CPR – 60 min.

Lesson 10: Environmental Injuries – 30 min.

Lesson 11: Eye Injuries – 30 min.

Lesson 12: Poisons – 30 min.

Lesson 13: Bone and Joint Injury – 60 min.

Lesson 14: Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injury – 30 min.

Lesson 15: Chest Injury – 60 min.

Lesson 16: Multiple Casualty Management – 30 min.

Lesson 17: Rescue Carries – 30 min.

Lesson 18: Emergency Planning – 30 min.

Note for Workplaces: For individual workplace in-house or exclusive programs (non-public), BVD Emergency Training will jointly select, with the employer, the elective modules most appropriate for the work environment and work hazards pertinent to the learners attending the program. Additional AED certification is suggested for workplaces that have an AED (either a separate course or time added to the Standard First Aid course).

Certification: A Perri-Med Standard First Aid wallet card and wall certificate will be issued after successful completion of all course components. the first aid certificate is valid for three years. Candidates will also receive a separate Basic Life Support (level C) CPR wallet card after successful completion of all CPR skills. The CPR wallet card is valid for one year. For large corporate training CPR and First aid are both valid for 3 years only.

Renewal Certificate: In order to renew the Standard First Aid certificate, the learner may on a one time basis only have the certificate renew by completing a one-day Standard First Aid renewal course. The retraining should be taken just before the certificate expires. For example, you should take a full course, 3 years later take a re-certification course, three years later take a full course. As new research and updated knowledge are adopted to make changes to the first aid content, a full course should be taken to learn new content.


Standard First Aid Course Outline
Introduction to First Aid    Elective Lessons:
  Legalities of First Aid   CPR Child/Infant
  First Aider Safety   Choking Child/Infant
  Sucking Chest Wound Secondary Survey
Communicable Diseases Environmental Emergencies
Casualty Management
Emergency Scene Management
Fainting/Spinal Injury/Shock
Eye Injuries
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Poisons
Defibrillation Bone and Joint Injuries
Choking   Sprains/Strain/Dislocation
Wounds and Bleeding   Repetitive Strain Injury
  Dressings and Bandages   Fractures
  Control of Bleeding   Crushing Injuries
  Embedded Objects Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injury
  Amputation Chest Injury
  Puncture Wounds Multiple Casualty Management
  Mouth/Nose Injuries Rescue Carries
  Internal bleeding/Abdominal Emergency Planning
  Bites and Stings Final Scenarios
Burns Written Quiz SFA
Medical Conditions
Debriefing Session
Written Quiz SFA/EFA Recert


Reference: First Aid Instructor Resource, Perri-Med First Aid and CPR, 2012