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About BVD Emergency Training


BVD Emergency Training provides everyday people with the training necessary to recognize emergencies and respond appropriately with lifesaving measures that may be critical in the saving of lives. Everyday emergencies occur. It is important to have knowledgeable citizens, like yourselves, in our community who know when advanced help is needed and what they can do to stabilize that patient, family member or friend’s condition until help arrives. Using a community approach, BVD Emergency Training offers courses for Youth Groups, High Schools, College &, University Students, Factories, Doctors’ Offices, Long Term Care Facilities, Senior Citizen Groups and many other types of businesses.

BVD Emergency Training teaches “Perri-Med First Aid and CPR” programs (view approval) which have been recognized by the Ministry of Health, recognized Nationally by the Canada Labour Code, Provincially by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (First Aid Regulation 1101). BVD also teaches the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support Courses (CPR and Defibrillation). We also train instructors to teach Heart and Stroke BLS-CPR program and Perri-Med First Aid, CPR and AED programs.

BVD Emergency Training is the Campus Recreation First Aid provider at the University of Windsor.

All of our programs concentrate on practical skills to optimize the hands-on experience candidates gain while emphasizing the theory behind the techniques learned. Our instructors bring experience and real life situations to the classroom and create a relaxed and stress-free environment for students.

Training courses can be held at your location or at our location. BVD Emergency Training services the Windsor-Essex County area as well as all surrounding areas. Course are also held in Chatham, London, Toronto and Barrie. All courses are naturally tailored to the interest of the specific group of students; however, specific courses can be designed to meet your groups training needs. Recertification programs are also available through out the year to keep your group up to date and refreshed with current schools of thought and first aid procedures.

All BVD Emergency Training Instructors are:

  • Responders on the BVD Emergency Response Team

  • Certified Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Instructors or Instructor Trainers

  • Perri-Med First Aid and CPR Instructors

  • Certified to teach CPR, First Aid, Defibrillation, and Oxygen Administration & Airway Maintenance.

  • Required to complete comprehensive Instructor Training programs

  • Required to complete continuing education courses as well as online compulsary education modules

  • Work/Volunteer in settings where they are First Responders/Paramedics

BVD Emergency Training appreciates your interest in helping to make our community a better safety conscious place to live.



Dr. Brock Van Dyke, BHK, DC, A-EMCA

BVD Emergency Training & Response Team

Owner/Team Director